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More Salt, Not Less. Now Sparkling. Choose four 8-packs of your favorite flavors to build your 32-count.

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LMNT Sparkling is only available in the contiguous US.

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Determining how many stick packs or cans to consume daily is quite dependent on the individual. The latest science indicates consuming 4–6 grams of sodium, 3.5–5 grams of potassium, and 400–600 milligrams of magnesium per day leads to optimal health outcomes. These electrolytes are best consumed from whole foods, but we designed LMNT to help fill in any dietary gaps. We hear that many folks find 1-2 stick packs or cans per day to be optimal, often depending on their activity level. Others use more.

The best approach is to start slow and listen to your body. You'll feel the difference when you get it right.

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