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Health is a process. Our personal experiences and the latest scientific literature that underpin the origin story of the LMNT brand.

Health is a process.

LMNT Co-Founder Robb Wolf shares the health journey that sparked a Salty Rebellion.

I needed more salt. period.

I'd been on a low-carb, whole food diet for years, but something was holding me back. While working with my coaches, we unlocked a powerful insight: I needed more salt. Period.
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Popular products didn't cut it.

They're too high in sugar and woefully lacking in actual electrolytes — so we were making our own at home, but that was messy and time-consuming. When I dialed in the formulation I immediately felt my fitness, sleep, and brain functioning on new levels.
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So we created LMNT.

Turns out, I needed to pay as much attention to my electrolytes as I did my food. And I’m not alone — we’ve seen this play out across thousands of health journeys. My coaches helped me with this critical missing link — I hope LMNT can be as meaningful for you.

Our Salty Squad

Home is where the salt is.

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Our salty rebellion takes a team.

We partner with industry leaders committed to promoting health through hydration.

Stay Salty.
A tasty electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks fasting or following low-carb, whole food diets.
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