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Health is a process

Being a biochemist, athlete, and nutrition-tinkerer, I have always strived to improve my health and performance. However, 20 years ago, while I was caring for my chronically ill parents and battling my own crippling GI issues, I turned on my inner nerd, dug into the scientific literature, and ultimately adopted a low-carb ketogenic lifestyle, which eliminated most of my health problems.

Although my overall health dramatically improved, I still couldn’t get to the next level in my real passion, jiu-jitsu. For years, I tinkered with my carb ratios and found minor improvements, but no matter how clean I ate or how hard I worked out…

I still felt something was holding me back.


During this time, I was working with my coaches, Tyler and Luis, the founders of Ketogains. When I brought up my problem, they simultaneously answered that I needed to get more electrolytes, especially salt. I knew why getting more salt was important on a low-carb diet - the scientific literature is pretty clear. Like many, however, I grossly underestimated just how much salt I actually needed.

I didn’t listen to them for over a year, and my results were, at best, lackluster.


When I got my electrolytes right, I felt the benefits immediately. I had more energy during jiu-jitsu, slept better, and felt my brain functioning on new levels. I saw firsthand how easy it is to overlook the electrolyte equation, and my performance suffered for years because of it. And so I learned the hard way…

I need to pay as much attention to my electrolytes as I do my food.



I was frustrated with the lack of healthy options on the market. The hard truth is that all the existing commercially available electrolyte products are high in sugar (a low-carb/keto fail) and woefully lacking in actual electrolytes (double fail). So I was forced to mix my own homebrew salt concoctions at home because getting my electrolytes right through popular electrolyte products would have added over 100 grams of sugar to my diet per day.

So I teamed up with Ketogains (my coaches) and Proton Enterprises (my operating partner), and we decided to do something.


The result is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing you don’t. In terms of formulation and ingredients, we let the latest scientific literature make the decisions… yes, that means lots of salt with no sugar, fillers, gluten, or dodgy ingredients.

Of course, you can make this at home like I did for a number of years, but when that’s not practical, stay salty with a grab-and-go LMNT Recharge pack.

Born from a need, backed by science, and built for you.

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Robb Wolf
Tyler Cartright
Luis Villasenor
Nicki Violetti
James Murphy
Louis Cowell
Sharon Green
Blake Brown